The XTONE series is a high-quality mobile intelligent audio interface that is compatible with all software effects on the market, such as "BIAS FX, JamUp, Revalver4, Guitar rig, etc." XTONE features foot control and a rich audio interface to suit your application.



    XTONE is a high-performance mobile audio interface, designed for the next-generation effect APPs.

    XTONE can be directly powered by your phone and have 3 foot switch and 1 expression pedal for playing control.

  • XTONE Duo


    XTONE Duo is a derivative of XTONE with a white shell that has the same features and performance as XTONE.

    The only difference is thaat Duo replaces the original expression pedal interface with a microphone input.

  • MORE

    XTONE Pro


    XTONE Pro is a professional and multi-purpose smart audio interface for guitar, bass, and vocals.

       Put it on the floor, it is a flagship multi-effects, that meets your daily practice, professional rehearsal and performance needs.